Friday, 1 February 2013

Why am i so "passionate" about casting my vote!?

Why am i so "passionate" about casting my vote!? Why i am willing, and i have been waiting since last year, to fly back from Switzerland to Malaysia to cast my vote!?

I already live in the so-perceived "heaven-like" Switzerland: Clean, modern + tranquil nature, ranks world´s highest salary, i am married to a German where Germany sophisticated technology is being proud of, why i still care about what happens back in Malaysia!? Why i want to make my best efforts to vote!?

...Because situations in Malaysia cannot go any more worse!!! 10 years ago Malaysia was used to compare with Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea. Now, those politicians told Malaysians to be contended as Malaysia is still better than Zimbawe, Myanmar...

...Because no matter which corners of the world we are in, Malaysia is forever our motherland, where our roots originally from. It is an undeniable fact that "Malaysian blood" is circulated in our body even we have been exposed to cultures of other countries.

…Because Malaysia has the natural and human resources to be a developed country like the U.S. and Switzerland, but the resources have been wasted in vain and public funds into individuals´black pockets.

I explained to my German husband: My 1 vote cant do much. But if there are more people like me, the number will not only be 1, but 1+1, 1+10, 1+100, 1+1000, 1+10000....There have been reporting of stories about ghost voters with dead people being able to come out to vote, with illegal immigrants being granted blue ICs, with ambiguous overseas ghost voters, we need more real CLEAN Malaysia to gather our strength and send tong sampah BN to Holland!!! 

My fellow Malaysians, Every single vote is crucial! Please come out/fly back to vote!!!!!

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