Saturday, 2 February 2013

Why am i passionate towards CHANGE

My German husband and i had an intense discussion over my passion towards CHANGE in Malaysia. He fully supports me flying home to vote. He would like to understand further why i have such strong sentiment. He said I live now in Switzerland, why i still care so much about a country that i am not physically in.

One of the answers i gave is: Because i experienced ineffectiveness, bureaucratism, laziness, discrimation due to corruption and unjust national policies, i do not want those who live in Malaysia, including the new generations, to experience that. I want them to live in a safe, free and healthy environment to grow up, to work and to enjoy life.

Malaysia is a great country (or more accurately "can be")! Malaysia has the qualities to be like, indeed even better than Switzerland!!!

There is nothing Malaysia is less of. Malaysia just needs less dumn politicians who constantly play racial cards for their own benefits! My fellow Malaysians at home/abroad, please make our little efforts to make Malaysia A CLEAN MALAYSIA! Come out/Fly back to vote!!!

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