Thursday, 14 February 2013

What can be more important than the fate of our country!?

i am an overseas Malaysian living in Switzerland. I have flown back from Zurich to Malaysia last Thursday (7 February 2013) and will be staying in Malaysia for two months until early April. For me, i don´t care when is the election date, i just know: I WILL CERTAINLY BE PERSONALLY THERE CASTING MY VOTE IN MALAYSIA no matter where i am!

Should election is still not called by April, i will purchase another air ticket and just fly back to cast my vote in person instead of voting as a postal voter.

It is also not easy for me to make the journey....but what can be more important than the fate of our beloved home country!  

Malaysians at home/abroad, there is NO excuse for us not coming out/flying back to vote for the crucial CHANGE for our beloved Malaysia!

Please Come out/Fly back to vote for a clean & green Malaysia!

------ Veronica Liew Hui Mei

Heartfelt gratitude to Woodstock Lee, 网络特勤组 Save Our Future Mission for having taken the initiative to design two posters for me.

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