Thursday, 14 February 2013

Mutual Understanding & Respect

Everyday is filled with love and joy for me and my husband. Although he and i gonna be physically in different regions at the moment, our hearts stay close together, and we walk our life hand in hand with showing mutual respect and understanding. Sometimes he and i hold firmly on our respective opinions indeed refuse to give an inch, still we try to learn listening to each other. We can debate fiercefully, still we respect different opinion and see criticism is helping us to improve further. For me and my husband, both of us are complete individuals: Two complete people make 1 solid combination.

The value of "Mutual Understanding & Respect" is essential in everyone´s daily life. We shall respect not merely our family and friends but also respect ourselves, as well as acquaintances whom we bump on the streets. We shall respect our surroundings and the Nature. We shall also show respect and try to understand those who hold different opinions/beliefs. We shall also respect those who have annoyed us. It is because should we feel they are uncivilized and rude, they are also victims of the system. 

...but i no longer be able to respect those who are even brainless and heartless than animals, indeed have been sucking our nation wealth!

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