Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Fear? Safety? Low profile?

Before i fly back from Switzerland to Malaysia, some friends in Malaysia and Europe are concerned about my safety. They advised me to stay low-profile. 

I understand about their concern, because they care very much about me. 

Nevertheless, my answer is: How long do we need to keep quiet!? How long do we need to tolerate and endure!? Enough is Enouch!? We gonna stand out and speak loud. 

What is more fearful: Living in shits? or continue to live in shits for the whole of our life!?

My girlfriend Jo says: "Because no one cared for so long. We have been asked to pro create, more children, so that we are only too busy to earn two square meals a day. People are generally selfish and greedy. Therefore, opportunitic people in authority who are smart make use of these weaknesses in us to keep us narrow minded and selfish and more greedy. Most people don't realize the law of nature: what you give is what you get, what goes around comes around, energy of all things in this world does not disappear, they only change into another mode. Those who have been selfish, or been only on lookers will get repercussions in other forms, at other times. All of us must,realize that we have choices. Don't let anyone tell us otherwise. Act on love and not act based on fear. Teach your children these basic principals and thing will change."

When i was in the air plane flying back from Zurich to the transit point of Muscat, Oman, i learnt that someone in the UK was trying to hack into my gmail while i was using internet on the Air in the plane that its route does not fly over the United Kingdom. At that moment, i started to think of two American movies i watched (i have forgotten the titles of both movies). One is a former American Ambassador and his wife who was a CIA official sued George W. Bush and the American government at that time for having been suppressing and silencing their voice after the former American Ambassador in Iraq launched a press conference to challenge George W. Bush´s statement of Iraq processing Weapon of Mass Destructions. Another movie was a lady whose girl (or boy? cant really remember) checked-in into the airplane with her out-of-a-sudden went disappear and no record at all of her kid boarding into the plane, indeed all passengers claimed that they had never seen her boarding with any kid.

While i was sitting in the plane, i was aware that i might be just haunting myself. Nevertheless, at that time, i told myself: Should i be detained or even be tortured, i shall not be afraid because i am doing something that i believe i must do. Therefore, i shall be responsible to my actions. 

I do have fear...I accept the fear and I am willing to face it.

After all, i have told my husband as well as my Malaysian and international friends: Should you guys no longer hear from me, you must call justice for me

While i made the decision of flying home to Malaysia early and to stay for two months in Malaysia, instead of keeping on waiting for the announcement of general election, it horrifies me thinking of walking on the streets in the land where i was snatched twice and pick-pocketed once in merely a year. 

I do have also fear that how about out of a sudden i become vanish as the regime wants to silent my voice. Last mouth, January 2013, when i attended a meeting of Toastmasters International, there was an English guy told me that a friend of his who was a Swiss citizen who had been an activist in Sarawak for years suddenly has gone disappear ten years ago. 

I have also fear that i do not want the incident of Beng Hock whose death remains mystery happen on me...

By the way, to those cybertroopers that have been trying to hijack my FB, Yahoo and Gmail: should you guys want to take my computer, get ready for translators who understand German Language, Chinese Language and Japanese Language, because my computer system is in German Language, my softwares besides English, are in Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional and Japanese...oh, by the way, my computer keyboard is Swiss keyboard, the words and symbols are located very differently than the computers in Malaysia, England and the U.S. I warn those hantu-hantu here first so that you will not get confused even though you are already lost in your mind with siding to gansters and national betrayers

Nevertheless, while we fear of this, fear of that, we have forgotten that we have already long lived in fear: We fear of walking on the streets, we fear of hearing motorists´engine, we fear of letting the children to walk freely beyond our sight, we even live in fear although we merely stay at home with all doors and windows locked with double locks and gates. Enough is Enough, stand up and claim for what we have long deserved of!

My husband, whom i truly believe a trustworthy and caring man, and i truly love each other. I have very good family members and trustable friends. I treasure my life and i want to continue to enjoy life. 

Even though i enjoy my life, holding hand-in-hand with my husband, leading a diligent and joyful life together with tranquil nature in Switzerland, how can i be self-fish with just me enjoying my life!? How can i ignore my homeland Malaysia that has been exploited and destroyed by those who supposed to be the administrators assigned by the People!? My family members and relatives can migrate overseas, my friends may apply overseas citizenships, but Malaysia is Home, a land where our roots are originated and where our memory comes from. 

Malaysian blood is circulated in my body even though i have been exposed to others of other countries. i have been so proud being a Malaysian and so proud to tell whoever i meet in the world that "Malaysians are warm and friendly". 

Therefore, even though i could see tears inside and around the eyes of my husband before my departure, i told him that my mind is firm: I want to vote in person in Malaysia.  

Even my husband and Caucasians friends in Europe are concerned they may not be able to see me again, i told them: Nothing is more important than the fate of my home country, not even my life!

Yes, how could we continue to live in shits by allowing "Bdoh eNd" who are long blinded, deaf and heartless to continue to steal nation wealth in bright light and the People of Malaysia live in society fear of insecurity!? 

I must endeavour my best, not only to vote in person in Malaysia, but also call for more to come out/fly back to vote - to save Malaysia from being further destroyed.

We must do something before it is too late. 

My husband said Malaysia is only a country. Malaysia is not a human being. He can´t understand how could i hold such strong feeling towards a country. 

In my opinion, because Caucusians have long enjoyed the established social system, they may be have gone more individualist emphasizing on their individual´s rights; while we - Malaysian disaporas - grow up in a country that social system is still not established, thus we want our homeland to be able to grow, to progress and to establish a more proper system.
My husband asked me why do i still care about my home country that in his observation has not done much to me. One of the answers i gave is: Because i experienced ineffectiveness, bureaucratism, laziness, discrimation due to corruption and unjust national policies, i do not want those who live in Malaysia, including the new generations, to experience that. I want them to live in a safe, free and healthy environment to grow up, to work and to enjoy life.

My husband interrogated me further: That you want to go back to vote is that because you want others to know that you are a responsible person? 

I answered: I don´t care what others think of me. I have long known personally that i am a kind and responsible person. What i am doing now is merely an act to be responsible to myself as a human being who cares and loves. 

All and all, i am one of those Malaysians at home and abroad who have stood up bravely and shown Solidarity of All Anak-Anak Malaysia to safeguard our homeland: Resume a beautiful and peaceful Malaysia! 

After all, there is no more fear, because they are already countless comcrades moving together towards the direction of a clean and green Malaysia. 


Enemy of the state? Dumnos must be very afraid. Very afraid.

Australian senator detained at KLIA, awaiting deportation
9:28AM Feb 16, 2013

Australian senator Nick Xenophon has been detained at the KL International Airport and is awaiting deportation for allegedly being an “enemy of the state”.

Xenophon, who arrived at KLIA early this morning, has been held at the Immigration holding pen over the past few hours.

"I am effectively a prisoner here," Xenophon told Australia’s Sunday Mail. "I'm being held in an area with all these holding cells which are full of women. They have basically told me I am an enemy of the state. They are trying to get me on the next plane out of here and back home."

According to the senator, while he was not allowed to make any telephone calls, he managed to make a call to the Australian newspaper when he was left unattended in the interrogation room.

Xenophon is scheduled to meet with parliamentarians, the Election Commission and Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Nazri Abdul Aziz on electoral issues.

Three other Australian politicians are to join him as part of the fact-finding delegation - Liberal MP Mal Washer, Nationals senator John Williams, and Labor MP Steve Georganas. However, they have yet to leave for Malaysia. It is unclear whether they will reconsider their travel plans given the latest development.
Xenophon attended the Bersih 3.0 rally last year as an international observer and was teargassed by the riot police, who were clamping down on demonstrators demanding electoral reforms.
'Orders from above'
He told Australia's ABC News 24 he had not expected to be detained on arrival in Kuala Lumpur.
He said the immigration officials have been "incredibly polite" but they have told him they received "orders from above" to detain him.
"I just find it extraordinary. I've been here before [and] I've made statements about the state of Malaysian democracy previously," he said.
"But on this occasion clearly someone high up in the Malaysian government doesn't want me here."

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