Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Education - The Base of a Nation Sustainable Growth

Education system is the base of a national development. The key reason Germany and Switzerland is able to sustain their success is because of their free, innovation and creative education system that emphasizes independence of thinking!

The immediate step coming forward is: Vote for CHANGE to establish a bi-partisan political system that encourages counter-check-and-balance culture to ensure transparency n accountability. 

Then, the new government reforms those destructed system in the country. Among all, the most important reform is: Re-shape our education system to one that is no longer spoon-feeding but innovation n creative thinking based on the culture of free n independent thinkings.

Freedom of speech, freedom of thinking that is based on mutual respects encourages the society to be able to express themselves free n later to be creative n innovative!

As the U.S. adopts the principal of freedom of expression, that explains why most IT giant companies are born in the State such as Microsoft, Google, IBM, Facebook, Amazon,.....


Disgruntled parents protest outside the Ministry of Education building in Putrajaya on February 19, 2013 over current abysmal state of the education system. 


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