Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Fly Home, Fly Home, Fly Home to Vote!

Fly Home, Fly Home, Fly Home to Vote! Malaysian diasporas, we need you to fly...

Have you ever been suspicious why the regime suddenly becomes so understanding and generously offers the convenience of "overseas postal voters" for overseas Malaysians? I personally have decided to fly back from Switzerland to cast my vote in person in Malaysia...  ...I don´t want mind jadi hantu!  


"There are more than a million Malaysians living overseas from a population of about 28 million people – enough to make a real difference come election day."   

Bersih Shanghai via Global Bersih 3.0:  "There are estimated 400,000 Malaysians residing in Singapore and growing number of people are planning to go back and vote.  There are estimated 10,000 Malaysians in Shanghai and nearby cities, could we have more than 5,000 back home and vote?  The Country needs you!"  

Fly Back and Vote, my overseas fellow Malaysians, for the once-in-a-generation opportunity for change!  ...terlalu banyak hantu Anak-Anak Malaysia kena lawan lah!!!   If you don´t, perhaps yours will become one of those hantus...

A message posted by Daniel Liew on JomBalikUndi:

“For those Malaysians who are in overseas. If you can come back and vote during the GE13, it will be very much appreciated. We need a change in our Malaysian Government. Vote for Pakatan Rakyat (PKR, DAP, PAS) during the GE13. Every vote counts. Try to avoid the Election Commission (EC) online/postal vote if possible. Most of us don't trust the EC online/postal vote after discovering there are registrations frauds (eg.: a person had never registered to vote is automatically being registered as a voter in EC) within the EC itself."

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