Sunday, 10 February 2013

Life is a Universe

There is only one race in this earth: Human Race. Let all of us embrace each other and enjoy everyday. It pains me that somehow cultures, ethnics & religions divide people and create misunderstanding. All of us must learn to respect and learn from each other´s differences with an open mind and an extra big heart. Live Simple, Love generously.

Let us share about the message of true love out: Respect each other´s uniqueness and learn differences from each other. That is how we can live simple, breath fully of the universe and dance in life.

 Photo credited to my Thai girlfriend cum neigbor who took the photo on 9th February 2012 at our neighborhood by the Lake of Konstanz in Switzerland.

Quote from "Vigilante2020" who wrote:
"Let change the HIS STORY of this country and create OUR STORY.

Vote wisely and be part of the mission to banish corruptions, racism and religious extremism for our future generation. "

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