Sunday, 17 February 2013

Foreign Interference?

"Nick Xenophon is considered enemy of the state on the basis of his opposition leaning views that passes for foreign interference. He can talk till the cows come home, but he cannot vote.  With all the attention given to him, I think we have missed the biggest foreign interference right in our back yard. Actually they are in our lawn, in our homes, in our shopping complex, in case you have not noticed. And they come with the right to vote. Shouldn't our super efficient police be deporting them on the same grounds? Are they not enemy of the state? Oh, I forget, they are "friends of the BN state", but after the elections, they will be enemy of the people when too many new citizens chase after too few jobs."

Stan CH Lee   -

Stan CH Lee - Malaysian at heart. Now freezing my butt off in Toronto.Until early January 2013, I communicate and express myself mainly through drawings and pictures, not much different from the caveman of yore when I was a firm believer in the adage “A picture is worth a thousand words”.I used to be a storyboard artist, cartoonist, airbrush artist, 3D animator and perspective artist and still cannot resist the urge to doodle and squiggle. But I wanted to put a finger (2 fingers?) on the collective pulse of the nation and share my thoughts with all and sundry. 
Then I discovered, some things are better said in words.

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Stan CH Lee   -

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