Tuesday, 12 February 2013

JBU: Malaysian voice fm Germany

My fellow Malaysians, we overseas Malaysians have made our efforts to come back to vote, why can't you!? Wake up & Stand up to claim for what you have long deserved.

Here is an article shared below. 

"JomBalikUndi interviews Jonus Yeoh Kim Hin, a Malaysian based in Germany.

JBU: What is your background?
Jonus: I am 55 years old, born in Penang. I work in the food catering business.

JBU: When did you migrate from Malaysia?
Jonus: I came to Germany in 1980.

JBU: Why did you migrate from Malaysia?
Jonus: After failing to get a place at the local university in Malaysia, I had to move overseas to further my studies. It was a stressful time for me, as I wasn't financially rich to pay for my fees. I obtained a place in the University of Hamburg as a foreigner, without having to pay any student fees, as education in Germany is free.

A year later, I had decided to give up on my studies to open my own restaurant. I worked day and night and with the help of my British-German wife, sister and brother-in-law, I had managed to open my restaurant on the 1st of January, 1986.

JBU: Any plans to head back to Malaysia?
Jonus: I am not planning to go back to Malaysia, as Germany is now home for me. I feel comfortable, free and treated with respect.

JBU: Do you have any message of hope for Malaysia?
Jonus: I hope all ignorant Malaysians will wake up. Malaysians deserve more than what they are having now - they don't owe anything to any politician, neither governing nor opposition.

JBU: Any parting words?
Jonus: With Malaysia having an abundance of resources (something that Germany does not have), it should be able to provide all Malaysians with full medical insurance and free education from primary to university."

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