Saturday, 16 February 2013

A bi-partisan system to ensure transparency & accountability

Setiap manusia mempunyai ketamakan, termasuk saya. Oleh itu, adalah wajib kita tubuhkan satu sistem bi-partisan yang menggalakkan budaya memastikan ketelusan dan kebertanggungjawaban.

Every human being has greed, including me. Therefore, it is crucial to establish a bi-partisan system that encourages counter-check-and-balance culture to ensure transparency and accountability.
We pangkah "X" for Pakatan Rakyat to throw tong sampah BN ke dalam tong sampah and make Bdoh eNd. We want to open up path for a clean, green and energetic Malaysia!

Even thought right now they are undoubtedly cracks in PR, we still gonna vote "for them" (which is not for them, but for the biggest picture of a bi-partisan system). Once a bi-partisan system that encourages counter-check-and-balance to ensure transparency and accountability is established, those monkey-monkey and handky-penky will be exposed in daylight. Then, those administrators who are voted by the People will learn to show respect and be accountable for the People who are their Boss! 

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