Wednesday, 20 February 2013

AirAsia X offers cheap seats for voters abroad

AirAsia X offers cheap seats for voters abroad (Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Taipei, Chengdu, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, Osaka, Tokyo, Kathmandu and Seoul)

AirAsia X offers cheap seats for voters abroad
Aidila Razak, KiniBiz | 2:41PM Feb 20, 2013

"Call it national service or marketing savvy, but AirAsia X is offering cheap flights for Malaysians abroad to come home to vote.

While the election date is still uncertain, AirAsia X says that Malaysians living overseas who are registered voters can be sure of promo prices even if they book last minute.

Azran-Osman-RaniConfirming this, its chief executive officer Azran Osman-Rani was, however, short on details.

“We will make an official announcement with all the details when elections are called,” Azran said when contacted.

Azran indicated that there will be a limit on the number of seats on offer although this and promotional fares are still being ironed out.

“There wasn’t a lot of research made before the decision. We made it because we felt that voting is an important civic duty for everybody,” he said.

The AirAsia X team is still working out a booking mechanism, he said, but it is likely to be done separate to the existing website.

In an interview with Radio Australia, organiser for the Jom Balik Undi campaign William De Cruz said that it is understood that booking is most likely to be conducted through a dedicated hotline and email.

AirAsia X, part of the AirAsia group, flies to Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Taipei, Chengdu, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, Osaka, Tokyo, Kathmandu, Jeddah and Seoul.

However, Azran told Malaysian diaspora portal that the promotio
n is unlikely to be extended to Jeddah as those flights are sold out for umrah packages.

He also said that it is unclear if the offer may be extended to other AirAsia destinations, as AirAsia X is run as a separate airline.

The World Bank estimates that a million Malaysians were living and working abroad in 2010.

It is unclear how many are registered voters, but the Election Commission said that 2,485 have applied to be postal voters under the new regulations.

This does not include the 2,651 Malaysian students and civil servants living overseas who are registered as postal voters.

Those who do not register as postal voters by midnight of the day of Parliament dissolution will need to return home in order to vote.

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak needs to call for snap polls before April 28, at which point Parliament dissolves automatically. Polls have to take place within 60 days of dissolution.

Air Asia 传来佳音 !

亚航在这届大选提供机票优惠,让大马海外选民得以回国投票 !

记得上次砂朥越选举的时候,飞机票三级跳,西马飞东马的机票,涨幅超过 100%, 今天亚航公布这样的消息,简直就是大大帮了马来西亚的人民。


亚航首席执行员阿兹兰(Azran Osman Rani)接受《当今财经》访问时就表示,该公司将在大选时期宣布这项优惠,惟暂时无法提供详尽资料。

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