Thursday, 21 February 2013

"Negara Ku"

Yesterday i attended a public speaking session in Damansara. When members of D'Utama Toastmasters Club singing "Negara Ku" (which is a normal practise for D'Utama Toastmaster to sing in the beginning of every meeting), i tried to control my tears from dropping as my heart feels very pain, my mind reflecting what has happened to my country...i dnt call myself patriotic, but Malaysia is my country, a land where i was born n grown up! 

It is heartfeltly painful to see her natural resources hv bn in vain, her beautiful nature has been destructed and my fellow Malaysians hv bn robbed even by the regime in bright daylight until to the extence some of them have got no feeling. I really hope there could be more and more Malaysians can see through that they can still do something to return Malaysia a clean, green n safe land . With Solidarity n the People of the nation work diligently, Malaysia can really be better than all so-called first world countries and to become one of the best countries to live in! I really hope the number of all votes voting for CHANGE is able to outnumber than far than common folks's imagination number of ghosts that hv bn created! Every BERSIH vote is so significant in resuming the original face of Malaysia. My fellow Malaysians, please just make the best of your efforts, only this time, to come out/fly back to vote. Malaysia is calling her children her...


Tanah tumpahnya darahku

Rakyat hidup

Bersatu dan maju

Rahmat bahagia

Tuhan kurniakan

Raja kita

Selamat bertahta

Rahmat Bahagia

Tuhan kurniakan

Raja kita

Selamat bertahta...

INI Kali lah! Tiada lagi lain kali...

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