Saturday, 16 February 2013

JBU: Malaysian voice fm Tokyo

JBU interviews Jason Kow Ching Eng, a Malaysian based in Tokyo.

JBU: What is your background (age, hometown, profession)?
Jason: I'm a 29 year old
Chinese Malaysian from Butterworth, Penang. Now, I am working as Construction Project manager in Tokyo.

JBU: When did you migrate from Malaysia?
Jason: I left Malaysia in 2005.

JBU: Why did you migrate from Malaysia?
Jason: I couldn't secure a spot in the Local University despite scoring 4 As in my STPM.

I had appealed to Kementerian Pendidikan, Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi, Kementerian Perdana Menteri, MCA and PGRM. MCA told me, "we will not help you, it is not an MCA problem". The appeal took one year of my life, and in the end, left me feeling sad and disappointed. I was just 19 years old then and my dream to study in the local university was crushed.

Feeling dejected, I told my parents I was leaving Malaysia.

I made the decision to head to Tokyo in 2005, as I wanted to try something different. My parent were worried about the high cost of my Japanese studies. But they supported me during my first year in schooling fees.

I then started working part time everyday after my classes to pay for my studies. The next year, I obtained a scholarship with the University and finished all my 4 years merit in 3 years time. I was thankful I had a job offer after graduating.

JBU: Any plans to head back to Malaysia?
Jason: I used to hate the government for not looking into my case. But if I didn't get rejected I wouldn't have had this experience in Tokyo.

As much as I like it here, if there is an opportunity in Malaysia, I might consider it. I would consider heading back if we have a change in government.

JBU: Do you have any message of hope for Malaysia?
Jason: I believe I am able do something for my country, Malaysia. Most overseas Malaysians are wanting to contribute to our homeland, but we're not given an opportunity from the current government.

Moreover, our country is moving backwards. Our global competitiveness is becoming weaker and weaker by the day. We need a clean government, good education, fair distribution of wealth and productive civil servants. Malaysia is rich in its natural resources, has an advantageous geographical position with a rich culture and language. But, due to a corrupted government, we are paying for the failures of our politicians.

JBU: Any parting words?
Jason: I am ready to contribute if Malaysia needs me.

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  1. Dear jason

    As a fellow malaysian (im a malay), I really feel ashamed of our current governmebt and pity that despite ur good results in exam, are not able to attend universities. Pls do not lose hope, one day I pray that we will have a better government and u can comeback and contribute to the country. Pls do not think for 1 second that malaysia is not home. Peace & love, your fellow malaysian :)