Thursday, 7 February 2013

My FB & Yahoo accounts were hacked

My FB & Yahoo accounts were hacked

My Facebook & Yahoo accounts were hacked for a few hours when/after i landed KL, whilst there were two hijack attempts into my gmail during my flight journey back from Switzerland. I have photos taken to show it were hijack attempt. I lost ownership to my Facebook & Yahoo accounts for a few hours until i needed to endeavour to resume my ownership! Is Malaysia haunted!? Why so many ghosts!?

The hijack makes my call for a CLEAN Malaysia even stronger!!!

On my first flight from Zurich, i was thinking i would like to volunter to speak for any public talks including those organized by BN as long as BN does not mind i call them "tong sampah"... On my second connecting flight back to KL, i was thinking: Why i am willing to do so much for a country where most of her people have gone to busy to make a living and instead have forgotten about living (as after i land KL, i see crazy car & motors driving, encounter unfriendly Malaysians, experience racism; then i told myself: That i have flown back to Zurich and have planned to stay in Malaysia for two months till April is good enough oledi. However, when i learnt later after i catched a quick nap that my FB & Yahoo accounts were hacked! The attempt to silence my voice makes me wanting to SPEAK louder

By the way, there are so many Malaysians at home/abroad all over the world who have stood up & will be strong enough to CLEAN up the tong sampah.

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