Thursday, 28 February 2013

To FLY or NOT to fly?

“To FLY or NOT to fly”?

"Should I register as a postal voter, or should I fly back to vote?"

I am a Malaysian living in Switzerland, I have flown back to Malaysia since Chinese New Year and wait for election to be announced in order to cast my vote in person in Malaysia. My schedule flight back to Zurich is 2nd April. Should the election is still not announced during my present stay in Malaysia, I am still willing to purchase another ticket and purposely fly back just to cast my vote in person in Malaysia. Why am I willing to do so? Am i having nothing to do!? Am i damn rich and thus dont mind to waste the money!? Am i too stupid!?

...It is merely Because I don’t want my postal vote to become a ghost. Why?...Can´t you smell fishy why the regime out of a sudden “generously offers” to overseas Malaysians the convenience of postal voters two-three months just before the election is due!? They are quite a number of fraud cases have been reported where overseas Malaysians found they are in the list of postal voters whilst they have never registered themselves as a voter! 

Yes, fraud can also happen should i vote in Malaysia. However, with me be willing to fly back to vote, i can reduce a layer of risk that my postal vote being modified during the transportation process. Right now, there is no details, moreover transparency, how postal votes be transported and be count.
Many Malaysians are hoping so much for CHANGE because the situations in Malaysia can´t be any more worse. Indeed, many Malaysians are not merely hoping, they have stood up, spoken out and have put into actions, however, they could still merely hope CHANGE can happen... 

Every BERSIH vote is so critical in order to outnumber the beyond-common-imagination-number-of-ghosts. INI Kalilah! Just fly back this time ONCE in your life! There is NOTHING more important than the fate of our home country!!! 

My sister asked me whether i live in Switzerland or Malaysia as she sees i gain nothing for what i am doing now. Nevertheless in my opinion, as we personally experienced injustice, laziness, bureaucratism and corruption in Malaysia, even we live in another land which social system is perceived to be better and fairer, how can we not doing something with just flying back to vote merely once in our life so that those who live in Malaysia be granted the opportunity of having a healthier, greener and safer life!?

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Swiss lawmakers push for freeze of Taib family assets


Swiss lawmakers push for freeze of Taib family assets

            "The Taib family is acting like a criminal organization", says Swiss MP Carlo Sommaruga.

(GENEVA/ BERN, SWITZERLAND, 14 January 2013) Twenty Swiss MPs have filed a motion in parliament that calls for an immediate freeze of assets held by Swiss banks on behalf of the Malaysian Taib family. Last week, Geneva MP and lawyer Carlo Sommaruga, who is spearheading the move, also lodged a criminal complaint, asking the Attorney General of Switzerland, Michael Lauber, to declare the Malaysian Taib family a criminal organization.

"All the evidence I have seen makes it clear that the Taib family is acting like a criminal organization, said Mr. Sommaruga. In his submissions to the Swiss prosecutors and to the Swiss government, he demands that "all assets under the power of this criminal organization deposited in Switzerland, specifically with the banking establishments UBS, Pictet & Cie and the private bank Edmond de Rothschild", should be confiscated under section 72 of the Swiss Criminal Code. Mr. Sommaruga compared the Taib family to the clan of former Nigerian dictator Sani Abacha whose Swiss assets had been frozen.

The lawmakers’ move was triggered by recent statements by Taib’s former daughter-in-law Shanaz Abdul Majid in the syariah court in Kuala Lumpur. Shanaz, who is divorced from Taib son Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib, said that her ex-husband held 111 bank accounts in ten countries and that three Swiss banks administered over 100 million US dollars for her ex-husband.

In June 2011, Taib Mahmud declared in the Sarawak state assembly that he had no secret Swiss bank account and pledged to “swiftly bring the truth to light” by fully cooperating with any probe by Swiss authorities. However, Taib refused to answer questions on the matter and did not comment on the possibility of assets held by his son or other nominees on his behalf.

Last August, Swiss prosecutors opened a criminal case against UBS in a similar case involving a Malaysian top politician. The bank is accused of having laundered over 90 million USD of corruption proceeds on behalf of Musa Aman, Chief Minister of the Malaysian state of Sabah. Both Musa Aman and his Sarawak colleague Taib Mahmud have massively enriched themselves and their political cronies from the destructive and often illegal logging of Borneo’s tropical rainforests.

(14 January 2013)

For more information on this campaign, check:

sign the petition now!

Petition: Stop Sarawak Timber Corruption - Freeze Taib assets now!

For 30 years, Abdul Taib Mahmud has been Chief Minister of the Malaysian state of Sarawak. Taib has abused his power in a spectacular way and has transferred the massive proceeds of corruption and illegal logging overseas. He and his family members own numerous companies in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the UK, the US and other countries. 

Help us to build up international political pressure against the corrupt Taib family and sign the online petition!

Your e-mail will be sent to the authorities in Australia, the British Virgin Islands, Canada, Hong Kong, Jersey, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America as well as to the Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering.


"A one-eyed King on the land of the Blind" 



Bruno Manser - vanished but never forgotten

Should foreigners, including Bruno Manser who is a Swiss, are willing to do so much including their lives to safeguard Malaysia, why cant you a Malaysian even you may live overseas now with just needing you to FLY Back to vote this time !?


Bruno Manser

During his lifetime, Bruno Manser, one of the founders of the Bruno Manser Fund and its president for many years, was the best-known Swiss activist campaigning for the protection of the rainforests and the respect for human rights. Between 1984 and 1990, he lived in Sarawak with the Penan, one of the world’s last nomadic peoples still inhabiting the primeval forests. Confronted with the rampant destruction of the rainforest by the timber industry, he helped the Penan to resist further intrusion by the loggers and became the international mouthpiece for the threatened people of the primeval forest. He disappeared without trace after his last journey to Sarawak in May 2000.

Biography of Bruno Manser

Fascinated by ancient traditions
Bruno Manser was born in Basel on 25 August 1954. After completing the gymnasium (the academic upper secondary level), he spent several years working on various Swiss Alps, pursuing interests in traditional crafts and medicine as well as speleology. Obsessed with the desire of leading a life free of money, he left for Borneo at the age of 30 so that he could live in the rainforest and "learn from a people still living close to its origins".

Journey into the jungle
Manser travelled to the Malaysian state of Sarawak, where he gradually made his way to the nomadic Penan living in the primeval forest. He spent six years (1984-1990) with the Penan and learned how to survive in the jungle as well as about the culture of his hosts. However, Manser’s newly-discovered "Garden of Eden" was being threatened. It was the time when local timber companies were starting to ruthlessly penetrate the Penan territories and to clear-cut Borneo’s unique primeval forests. The Penan today are still suffering the consequences including the destruction of their livelihood, contaminated drinking water and erosion.

Commitment and escape
Bruno Manser drew the attention of the international media to this situation and helped the Penan to defend themselves against the loggers by means of peaceful road blockades. The result was the wrath of the Malaysian authorities and narrowly avoiding arrest in 1986. After spending six years in the jungle, he returned undetected to Switzerland in 1990. His aim was to use Switzerland as a base to inform the public about the situation in Sarawak.

Strong commitment...
After his return from the primeval forest, Manser, assisted by a number of friends, set up the Bruno Manser Fund (1991), published a book entitled "Voices from the Rainforest" (1992), held numerous lectures and drew attention through spectacular protest actions. In 1993, he went on a sixty-day hunger strike in front of the Swiss federal parliament building in Berne in the hope of obtaining an import ban on tropical timber and the introduction of mandatory declarations for timber. One particularly risky exploit took place 1999 when he landed on the Chief Minister’s residence in the Sarawak capital of Kuching using a motorised hang glider. Manser’s actions were widely publicised at home and abroad, and he gained the reputation of a charismatic, credible fighter for the cause of maintaining the tropical rainforests and upholding the rights of the indigenous peoples.

...but few measurable results to show for it
It was thanks to Manser’s commitment that the issue of tropical timber was placed on the political agenda in Switzerland, and his campaigns focused public attention on the catastrophic ecological and social consequences resulting from the clear cutting of the rainforests. However, in Sarawak there is little measurable success to show for it. The government is adhering to its destructive, short-sighted forest policy, with the consequence that less than 10% of Sarawak’s original primeval forests are intact. The Penan and other indigenous groups are still waiting for the recognition of their rights to the land in the forest areas that they have traditionally inhabited.

Passionate documenter
During his stay in Borneo, Bruno Manser never tired of documenting the flora and fauna of the rainforest, the Penan culture and the resistance to the destruction of the forest. Manser was a man of many talents, who produced numerous detailed drawings, exhaustive notes, tape recordings and more than 10 000 photographs – documents of tremendous value for contemporary history and ethnography. In 2004 the Basel-based publisher, Christoph Merian Verlag, published his "Tagebücher aus dem Regenwald" in German (Diaries from the Rainforest) after they had been edited by the Bruno Manser Fund.

Vanished but not forgotten
After coming back to Switzerland at the end of his first journey, Manser regularly returned to visit his friends in the primeval forest, kept up with logging developments and tried to provide help on the spot. He never returned from his last journey to Sarawak. The last known trace of him was on 25 May 2000 in the Borneo rainforest. Several search parties failed to find him. On 10 March 2005, the cantonal civil court of Basel-Stadt officially declared him missing and presumed dead.

Should foreigners, including Bruno Manser who is a Swiss, are willing to do so much including their lives to safeguard Malaysia, why cant you a Malaysian even you may live overseas now with just needing you to 

FLY Back to vote this time !?


Radio Free Sarawak

Listen Online "Radio Free Sarawak":

Radio Free Sarawak SW 11600 khz 7pm – 9pm daily

"Radio Free Sarawak is the independent radio station that brings you the news you want to hear, not what the BN government wants you to hear. No one controls us, except you, the listeners of Sarawak . So tune in and get the information, news, interviews, reports and comment that you could never hope to hear on any of the government-controlled radio stations in Malaysia."

为了孩子,一定要改变 Kick LYNAS out!

So many voices wanting for CHANGE!  So many Malaysians have put into actions they want CHANGE!  

They need more BERSIH votes to outnumber ghosts. 
Please FLY back to vote, and dont let your vote to become ghost.




也许当时大家还没意识到问题的关键。随后,参与一次又一次的反公害活动,我感到安慰,因为出席反公害份子一次比一次勇跃,同时我也感到悲哀,因为执 政者并没有因此而作出改变,因而令人民的痛与恨有增无减,痛恨我国传媒被政权控制,从来都没有新闻和言论自由而导致当权者无法无天,痛恨执政党的每一个决 定,不曾是为国为民。






慧妹 : 如果看到這麼多,聽了這麼多,你依然覺得你不能抽出時間,你依然沒有辦法飛回來投票,那表示你現在就已經很無情。

Should you still think you are too occupied to fly back to cast your vote in person in Malaysia, i will say: You are heartless and you are not living!

马来西亚的 "稀土丑闻" , 被香港【苹果日报】揭发

Mobility for the Elderly & Specially-Needed Group

There are so many things Malaysia gonna improve...Of course, first and foremost task right now is: Kick out "Untuk Manusia No Otak" and throw Bdoh eNd to forever tong sampah, and then re-shape our social system, which one of them is to allow the Elderly and the Specially-Needed Group. 

What we see Malaysia:

Mobility Equipments below are commonly seen in other countries...

My fellow Malaysians, this is not a dream. 
These are among those facilities that 
you should have enjoyed in your life! 

Which sort of life do you want to live in?

Vote for CHANGE! 
Cross "X" for Pakatan Rakyat!

A social system to help the Poor & Needy

Last night, when i was in 7-11, there was an Indian old man sitting at the door side selling "Kacang Kacang". It pains me a lot, as while he was making his best efforts calling "Kacang Kacang", how many people would buy from him, indeed how much could he make a day and how can he survive with merely selling "Kacang Kacang"...The government of Malaysia as well as our society gonna do more in our social system to help those struggling in life.

This afternoon, when i was in my brother´s shop, came a friendly Indian customer looking for a warm water bottle which costs RM25. He and i had some brief conversations. He said he has a boy aged 3 and he buys a can of milk powder that costs RM100+ as he hopes the milk powder that advertised to be giving nutrition to the brain can help to develop his son. I can see he is making his best efforts to make a living indeed he is still trying to give the best to his son hoping his son can have a better future. I hope so much CHANGE can happen in the coming election as Malaysians reserved to have a better life.


My fellow Malaysians especially those who have lived overseas, our fellow Malaysians need more BERSIH votes to make CHANGE happen. Kindly fly back to vote and dont let your vote to become hantu. 


Friday, 22 February 2013

Nation debt up => Income Tax up!


Nation Debt up => Income Tax up!

Stop thinking innocently what has been happening in the country now has nothing relevant to you!

Taken from 海外选民:



文中我据全球金融廉正机构(Global Financial Integrity GFI201112月公布的报告透露,大马2009年非法流出外国的黑钱非常boleh,高达居全球第四位,达1500亿令吉!整体而言,过往10年的黑钱总额,据说高达17700亿令吉!

按此计算,我因此说:要是这些钱都留在国内,一家五口,则全国每一户的人家各自可得15万;相等于一辆Camry!换句话说,毋需等到民联入主布城修改政策,家家户户都能分配一部房车代步,谁不feel good呢?


总计上来,从20012010年,前前后后,大大小小,里里外外的黑钱累积之流失,估计高达8714亿令吉!每一年国库因此损失多少,由此可见,一目了然,自不待言。 关于黑钱外流的资料,2011年的数据尚未公布,不过一般相信其流失的金额将是有过之而无不及,主要原因有二。去年GFI报告公布后,据知财政部与国行都表示要深入调查,可是与以往一样,最终不了了之,执法不严则弊病丛生,这是其一。其二是2011年净联盟发起的709大集会,获得数以万计民众的支持,黄衫军声势浩大,肯定把许多贪污滥权人士吓得魂不守舍,担心出现政治变天,因此纷纷把黑钱转移国外,做好逃命、流亡的准备。



明年今日,一切不变。不同的是,外流的年份和数额。2012年,每家可得一辆免费Camry;不久之后,或许大家就可以一起分得到一辆马哈迪医生现在心爱的 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid


Be aware

Be aware, even of those who come under the name of Tuhan/God/Budda!

This is because even one who calls under the name of Tuhan, one can still commit injustice and has sold the nation.

Even one who keeps on mentioning God, but he/she does not apply to actions but only hands those words around his/her mouth.

Even one who comes under the name of Buddha dressing like a monk/nun, he/she most likely is not real, but tries to cheat.

Even of information, including my blog, as the world is full of propaganda. We gonna learn NOT to be like one of the penguins whose sight will follow wherever the plane flies. We gonna learn to see through and see beyond. 

Be aware when you read the above lines, should you think: Why the ONE i believe is not ranked first, it is because the human beings of ignorance and egoism have taken over you... 

Unseen Lahad Datu Report by Al Jazeera


Link of the video here:

"2 days back(20/2/2013), a group of Al jazeera reporter went into the restricted zone at lahad and were arrested by the our police force for 6 hours.

I 've manage to contact with one of the journalist(jamela aisha) that were arrested by our police force and obtain some important report regarding the lahad invasion

you will never find this news report at astro al jazeera because our information minister had removed this news report from our national television , This is not the first time that our information ministry had edited/removed a portion of Al jazeera report (refer back to al jazeera bersih 3 report)

The situation in lahad is getting worse, the police have seal off all entrance/exist at the restricted zone, all fresh water and food supply in the affected area is getting depleaded, many malaysian citizen living in the area is suffering from malnutrition

The al jazeera have cover many report in the war zone before and malaysia is the only country that restrict media from covering the event. The reporter from Al jazeera have been through more war zone than all our PDRM/ATM combine. i really dont see the need to restrict media from covering this major event !

Our government is keeping the truth away from us.

Please do your part as a malaysian citizen to share the truth out !!"

Link of the video here: