Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A social system to help the Poor & Needy

Last night, when i was in 7-11, there was an Indian old man sitting at the door side selling "Kacang Kacang". It pains me a lot, as while he was making his best efforts calling "Kacang Kacang", how many people would buy from him, indeed how much could he make a day and how can he survive with merely selling "Kacang Kacang"...The government of Malaysia as well as our society gonna do more in our social system to help those struggling in life.

This afternoon, when i was in my brother´s shop, came a friendly Indian customer looking for a warm water bottle which costs RM25. He and i had some brief conversations. He said he has a boy aged 3 and he buys a can of milk powder that costs RM100+ as he hopes the milk powder that advertised to be giving nutrition to the brain can help to develop his son. I can see he is making his best efforts to make a living indeed he is still trying to give the best to his son hoping his son can have a better future. I hope so much CHANGE can happen in the coming election as Malaysians reserved to have a better life.


My fellow Malaysians especially those who have lived overseas, our fellow Malaysians need more BERSIH votes to make CHANGE happen. Kindly fly back to vote and dont let your vote to become hantu. 


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