Friday, 22 February 2013

Be aware

Be aware, even of those who come under the name of Tuhan/God/Budda!

This is because even one who calls under the name of Tuhan, one can still commit injustice and has sold the nation.

Even one who keeps on mentioning God, but he/she does not apply to actions but only hands those words around his/her mouth.

Even one who comes under the name of Buddha dressing like a monk/nun, he/she most likely is not real, but tries to cheat.

Even of information, including my blog, as the world is full of propaganda. We gonna learn NOT to be like one of the penguins whose sight will follow wherever the plane flies. We gonna learn to see through and see beyond. 

Be aware when you read the above lines, should you think: Why the ONE i believe is not ranked first, it is because the human beings of ignorance and egoism have taken over you... 

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