Saturday, 2 February 2013

Support from Switzerland and from all over the world

My adorable Swiss neighbors showing their support to my "Flying Home to Vote". I tagged them onto my "Fly Home to Vote" few days ago, then today out of a sudden surprising i saw a familiar flag from their window facing my house. Eiii...i am not mistaken, it is really a Malaysian flag!!! It is not an American flag that looks similar with! I ran up to upstairs balcony to have a closer look. My neighbor was working on the table where he put a Malaysian flag on and he shows me their support. Swiss neighbors may have put the flag there for some times already even i only noticed today.

Besides my Swiss neighbors, I have also been receiving moral supports from my friends who are Thai, German, Austria, American, Venezuelan, Vietnamese, Japanese Turkey, Iran, Dennish, British, Spanish...oh, all of my international friends, sorry should i miss mentioning your nationality here Besides friends i know in person, i also receive moral supports from acquaintances i chatted with.

Also, moral support fm friends who are Italian, Spanish, Kosovo, as well as three Philipino (one is a scuba diver in Manila, one lives in Germany, one whom i met in Frankfurt airport during our flight to Seattle is based in Saudi Arabia). ~ There are lots of world citizens whom we don´t even know are sending us their blessings.

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