Thursday, 7 February 2013

When is the election date?

"Najib has until April 28, 2013 to dissolve Parliament and call for elections. If he doesn't, Parliament will automatically dissolve on April 29, and the Election Commission obliged to fix a date within the following 2 months…. After the expiry of the 12th GE in late April, they have 60 days to hold election." The very last date election must be held is around mid/end of June.

i have been asked when is the election date. Well, as you know, i know, the chicken who has the ball does not have the ball. The above is merely some facts when the GE13 should be called.

A hometown mate comments: "Najib has another option: declare state emergency and continue to rule forever, this is something allow by Malaysia federal constitution, but need Agong consent (and Agong must consent). So, it is not definitely the election could be held this year."

Well, i personally see the general election will be held this year, just that the one who is now in power wants to buy more time to ensure....(aiyo...banyak hantu, yang ini hantu yang sudah mati tetapi balik dua tiga kali; yang tu hantu cepat cepat biru; nanti mari hantu import dari luar negeri)...continue to stay in power. 

Another hometown mate says out loud: "Not matter how.....we want a Change...Enough is Enough...."

What i know is: No matter how, the sun will certainly rise up!  

Indeed, No matter when and how, I will certainly be there - to cast my vote in person in Malaysia!

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  1. The buying time tactic is not to stay in power... it's to rip the coffer as much as possible till time runs out.