Thursday, 14 February 2013

Malaysia is Always Home. Time for CHANGE!

JBU interviews Colin Rajah, a Malaysian based in California.

JBU: What is your background?
Colin: I'm 45 years old, Sri Lankan and Chinese from Ipoh. I work as an international human rights advocate in an NGO.

JBU: When did you migrate from Malaysia?
Colin: 1989.

JBU: Why did you migrate from Malaysia?
Colin: I had to leave Malaysia at that time due to Operasi Lalang and the crackdown on human rights and pro-democracy activists. Also as a student, there were no opportunities available to further my university education, partly due to my race (considered "lain-lain"). I migrated to California, USA.

JBU: Any plans to head back to Malaysia?
Colin: Permanently? Not at the moment.

JBU: Do you have any message of hope for Malaysia?
Colin: We are at a historic turning point in Malaysia as we approach GE13. We can chart a new, better path for our nation but it will take a lot of work and solidarity on our parts - being able to put aside long-imposed differences of race, religion, language. And find new hope in real peace, justice and solidarity.

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