Thursday, 28 February 2013

To FLY or NOT to fly?

“To FLY or NOT to fly”?

"Should I register as a postal voter, or should I fly back to vote?"

I am a Malaysian living in Switzerland, I have flown back to Malaysia since Chinese New Year and wait for election to be announced in order to cast my vote in person in Malaysia. My schedule flight back to Zurich is 2nd April. Should the election is still not announced during my present stay in Malaysia, I am still willing to purchase another ticket and purposely fly back just to cast my vote in person in Malaysia. Why am I willing to do so? Am i having nothing to do!? Am i damn rich and thus dont mind to waste the money!? Am i too stupid!?

...It is merely Because I don’t want my postal vote to become a ghost. Why?...Can´t you smell fishy why the regime out of a sudden “generously offers” to overseas Malaysians the convenience of postal voters two-three months just before the election is due!? They are quite a number of fraud cases have been reported where overseas Malaysians found they are in the list of postal voters whilst they have never registered themselves as a voter! 

Yes, fraud can also happen should i vote in Malaysia. However, with me be willing to fly back to vote, i can reduce a layer of risk that my postal vote being modified during the transportation process. Right now, there is no details, moreover transparency, how postal votes be transported and be count.
Many Malaysians are hoping so much for CHANGE because the situations in Malaysia can´t be any more worse. Indeed, many Malaysians are not merely hoping, they have stood up, spoken out and have put into actions, however, they could still merely hope CHANGE can happen... 

Every BERSIH vote is so critical in order to outnumber the beyond-common-imagination-number-of-ghosts. INI Kalilah! Just fly back this time ONCE in your life! There is NOTHING more important than the fate of our home country!!! 

My sister asked me whether i live in Switzerland or Malaysia as she sees i gain nothing for what i am doing now. Nevertheless in my opinion, as we personally experienced injustice, laziness, bureaucratism and corruption in Malaysia, even we live in another land which social system is perceived to be better and fairer, how can we not doing something with just flying back to vote merely once in our life so that those who live in Malaysia be granted the opportunity of having a healthier, greener and safer life!?

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