Thursday, 14 February 2013

Democratic process needs civil participation

The process moving towards democracy needs civil participation: 

1st, Bring down the long-corrupted "Barang Naik"; 

2nd, Establish a bi-partisan system that encourages counter-check-and-balance to ensure accountability and transparency; 

3rd, Let the ruling coalition and the opposition coalition to monitor each other; 

4th, "Bdoh eNd" disappear few years after the alternative coalition takes over the power; 

5th, Perhaps 10 yrs later, the ruling coalition splits, and then either PRK, DAP & PAS fight to be the ruling party; 

6th, Continue civil participation in nation building to determinate PRK, DAP or PAS is preferrable to continue ruling.   

In the democratic process, civil participation is extremely significant in the nation building. During this duration, education system must be re-shaped to educate independent and innovative thinkings instead of spoon-feeding education system, in order for the economy to grow, progress and to be internationally competitive.

Everyone must take part with their distinguish skills on their respective areas in different sectors. With that, the nation shall be established with mutual respect and understandings with maintaining a safe and green environment to grow, work, live and retire, everyone shall be able to breath fully and freely, maintain their good health and live happily with gratitude. 

The immediate task right now: Establish a bi-partisan system that encourages counter-check-and-balance culture to ensure transparency & accountability.


這 是民主的過程。馬來西亞的其中一個問題是大家都不敢出聲,給果讓執政的唯所欲為,把國庫看成是自家的。因為執法不力,給果王法不被看在眼裡。

"無論來自那一个政黨,都存有投機者,PR 的人未必就会奉公守法,是吗?国阵贵为大党,人才混杂,良秀不齐,有者依利乘便,肆无忌惮,弊端百出,使人垢病,造成目前一般人咬住不放的课题。

民聯確而也是有我鄙視的機會主義份子,我也不想讓他們上神台。但現最關鍵的是,我們必須推出两線制,讓執政黨和反對黨互相制衡,因為權力和金錢會腐蚀人心。 終就到底,我們只想生活得平靜,大家平安和開心。。




我也問我自已,為什麼我這麼傻,從瑞士飛回來投票。我現已住瑞士,事不關已了; 更何況民聯裡確而也是有我鄙視的投機份子,為何我推他們上神台,拿好處的又不是我。但是,我更加知道的是

 我們要看的是大方向 --- 讓執政黨和反對黨互相制衡的两線制

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