Wednesday, 20 February 2013

BN, are you ready for the new wave?

Stan Ch Lee 19 February 2013

Stormy waters ahead

As the good ship Malaysia sails into stormy waters, at its helm, long commandeered by the Pirates of the CariBN(Be End), the pirates are running riot, looting like there is no tomorrow. And panicking because, for them, when tomorrow comes, it is time for them to sail into the sunset. Or walk the plank.

The winds of change blow strong, howling like a banshee’s call. A mutiny is brewing in the galley. Everything is falling apart. The shipleaks badly, taking in water at every turn. Every remedial action taken has backfired badly like cannon balls richocheting, adding to the total disarray on deck. With a Captain and his Pirates still stuck with a mindset and behaviour that belongs more to the 15th century, navigating and steering this ship to safe harbour in the digital age is going to be a huge challenge, bogged down and overloaded as they are by their baggages and skeletons.

With the ominous dark clouds overhead and the thunders rumbling, the winds are whipping up a maelstrom ahead. If they are not careful they will be sucked in to this whirpool leading into a bottomless pit. The waters are choppy. The ship is buffeted by the elements, some unseen. Bobbing and wobbling like a cork. There is real danger of a full capsize as the ship takes in more water. The Pirates  are running helter skelter as thay need more hands on deck, bailing out all and sundry. They desperately need help to weather the storm which threatens to unleash an unprecedented Tsunami on them. Around it, the flotsam and jetsam of displaced humanity reaches desperately for assistance, barely keeping their nose above waters. The meagre BRIM life rafts and inadequate lifelines hardly sufficient in these shark infested waters. The feeding frenzy is about to begin as the ship careens over the crest of the old wave and goes into freefall over the trough before the next big wave. The view from the top must be terrifying as it renders the Captain and those aligned to him incapable of sensible action.

BN are you ready for the next wave?”

The question now is “BN are you ready for the next wave?”

This new wave comes not with guns, cannons, parangs, knives or kerises. They do not threaten to beat you up or shout you down.They do not have the muscles or guns or ammunition. They come in peace and they want stability. They have no need for instruments of war. 

Instead, they are armed with nothing more explosive than flowers, candles, cell phones, laptops, tablets, and access to information. And knowledge, long suppressed on this ship Malaysia. Sound argument is their weapon of choice. For every story that the MSM puts out, the lie is exposed almost immediately with well researched and backed up counterpoints. Pictures and videos go viral in an instance. It s no longer possible to hide the truth. Citizen journalism is running circles around the MSM, that dinosaur BN propanganda mouth piece still weighed down by political interference and agendas. For every paid MSM reporter, there are thousands of Citizen journalists all ready and willing to chip in to do their part to debunk the lies being spun and passed off as news.

Of course, after the BN was almost deleted in the 2008 GE, they wised up and started building their own team of Paid Cybertroopers. Unfortunately, for BN, these Cybertroopers seem to be spouting nothing more than profanities and lots of “kekekeke”s, whatever that means. Last I heard, even these Cybertroopers are grumbling over not being paid. Quite a far cry from the new wave who do it out of a sense of duty to the country. (Good observation, Stan, i also find those BN Cybertroopers are quite Illiterate as they could speak only foul languages)

The information super highways are rife with these new age warriors who deftly surf the wave of information. All pervasive and deeply immersive, this is the wave, the Tsunami that will rock the ship Malaysia, this the change that will come whatever BN does. This is the new battleground in the fight to take control over the ship before it hits a rock or gets sucked into the bottomless pit. We, the new wave have spread and grown, causing ripples way, way beyond the borders of Malaysia as clearly demonstrated in the Global Bersih movement. Way beyond the reach and grasp of these 15th Century Pirates. We are ready to swarm them. As they fumble with their crude weapons of violence and threats, and money money money, the call goes out to them. 

BN!  Ready or not here we come. And we are ready to rock your votes.

Stan CH Lee - Malaysian at heart. Now freezing my butt off in Toronto.Until early January 2013, I communicate and express myself mainly through drawings and pictures, not much different from the caveman of yore when I was a firm believer in the adage “A picture is worth a thousand words”.I used to be a storyboard artist, cartoonist, airbrush artist, 3D animator and perspective artist and still cannot resist the urge to doodle and squiggle. But I wanted to put a finger (2 fingers?) on the collective pulse of the nation and share my thoughts with all and sundry. 

Then I discovered, some things are better said in words.

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