Saturday, 16 March 2013

Valencia, Spain

Although i live in Switzerland now, i very much want to see the progress of Malaysia because it is forever my motherland. Indeed, Malaysia has the best quality to be one of the greatest countries in the world. I hope with me having lived and having travelled some parts of the world, my exposure is able to offer some suggestions to the nation building of my home country Malaysia

I visited Valencia, Spain in November 2011. Before I flew there, I thought Valencia is merely a fishing village. Later, Valencia has become the most impressive city for me. I am impressed not only with her culture, history, architecture, but indeed how a fishing village is able to turn herself successfully into an attractive city with lots to offer, not only to the locals, but also to the international tourists.

While Spain is bothered by its sovereignty debt, Valencia does not seem to be affected. Valencia is still vibrant with developments and tourists´ visits. 

(1) Tourism
I could see the efforts of the local government in its city structure with conveniently available and affordable public transport including the allocation of tourist buses that split into three major paths connecting all tourism spots with the availability of tourist information through earphones in 8 languages.

The facility of tourist buses that are available every 30 minutes and connect to major tourism spots make the journey hassle-less.  

Tourism brings in foreign money, creates job opportunities to the locals, and also enriches the city´s metropolital culture.

The availability of tourism buses provided by the state government, with reasonable price, offers tourists the convenient of going around major tourism spots. The convenience gives tourists a peace of mind along their travels and thus be able to attract more to visit.

Besides, bicycles on rent are available on the streets. Tourist can make reservation online, pick up the bicycle at the designed point and return the bicycle at any located bicycle points in the city.  

(2) Town planning
Valencia is well preserved with her history, culture, food and green nature. Valencia is basically constructed to new city center and old city center, making Valencia offer comprehensive needs.

Valencia is filled with museums (Ocean Museum, Arts & Science Museum, Ceramics Museum, History Museum, Natural Sciences Museum, Museum of Ethnology exploring social change in Valencia over time). All built in artistic architecture designs. Indeed, Valencia will not be bored to any age. Thus, Valencia is a good destination for family with young children as well, as those museums are made to be interesting and not boring, to be educational to adults as well as children.   

Besides new buildings, Valencia maintains her ancient buildings well also.

(3) Environmental preservation
Valencia suffered a severe flood in 1957. The Valencia government decided to divert the course of the river. The old river bed, which its water is already diverted to the new river bed, has been turned into a 9km green belt surrounded by ancient walls and buildings. The Turia old river bed is another jewel of Valencia. 

The fertile soil of the riverbed quickly gave life to a lush garden. One will not be able to realize that the garden was a river bed because the place is filled with trees, parks and has also a football field. One can enjoy walking along the green belt with being embraced with its unlost warmth and sunny tranquility. The Valencia government went further and developed the riverbed into an entire world of leisure and culture. There are numerous playgrounds and sports areas, fountains and well-trimmed arty gardens. The river bed is always full of people, there is something for everyone.


Indeed, the whole Valencia is filled with green. The easily available green parks planted with green trees and fruit trees make the city life cozier. 

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I recommended a friend of mine who is originally from Africa, worked in Middle East and lives now in Germany to visit Valencia with bringing his 14-year-old son. Unexpectedly, after his one week visit, he told me that he has straight away bought an apartment by the sea in Valencia! 

I hope my sharing here is able to provide some suggestions in the nation building of Malaysia as well as to save those representatives from travelling around to "get inspired". 

And more Toyo who had been visiting Disneylands in several countries with even bringing family members and also maids!!! 


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