Saturday, 2 March 2013

Can you trust postal voting?

A feedback from Bersih Toronto:
Bersih Toronto shared a link via Bersih3.0 Houston.

"I will be happy to be an observer in Ottawa, but I feel that counting should be done immediately after the voting closes for the day and the results announced.

What I have heard from Teresa Kok is rather disturbing as it seems to suggest that EC has at the moment no clear idea what overseas voters should do. In the same breath, EC says voters can hand over voting slip to the High Commision to send to KL OR send it to friend in Malaysia to hand it to EC to be counted. Why can’t the counting not be done immediately after voting closes for the day? Is it that difficult to find people who can count?

"No mention is made of the security in transit or counting which it says will be done when the votes arrives in KL. This is ridiculous as many things can happen enroute to KL. Stories abound of entire ballot boxes switched in blackouts and helicopter flights to the counting centres in East Malaysia.

What about the logistics of getting it to KL? You need at least 24 hours!

The whole exercise seems to be turning out to be an opportunity for EC at to beef up their vote bank thru fraudulent means.

I have written to Ottawa regarding this and have yet to get a reply.The staff there were non commital when I contacted them by phone."

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