Friday, 8 March 2013

Bersih Shanghai: 选民「回国投票」补贴250

Bersih Shanghai subsidies RMB500 (about RM250) each for overseas Malaysians living in China to fly back to vote in Malaysia!

人民幣500今推展 选民「回国投票」补贴250

東方日報 2013年3月8日













Bersih Shanghai launches the “Go Back To Vote Campaign” today where voters residing in China could get their air fare subsidised.

The campaign serving two objectives:
1. To collect and publish a list of “going back” voters in order to promote "Go Back To Vote"
2. To subsidy minimum RMB500/person to registered Malaysian voters in China who need the support, allowing them to fly back and vote for GE13.

Interested Malaysians can join the campaign by filling up the form online as below:

Bersih Shanghai believes that the General Election is one of the most decisive factors and institutions deciding whether a Nation is growing prosperous or fail, it will decide the fate of our country and affecting all level of people.

Subsidies are subject to available sponsor and provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. We now have received the 1st batch of sponsor of RMB15,000 to kick off the campaign and there will be at least 30 voters get subsidised for their air fare.

We will increase the available sponsor if we received further contribution.

Bersih Shanghai reiterates our demand that the same standard vote counting procedures must be adopted at the overseas polling stations with the appointment of counting agents to verify and agree to the figures of ballots, to ensure ballots are properly issued, counted and counting result being agreed at the polling station before sending back to Malaysia. We do not want the ballots being exposed under the risk of being replaced during the transportation to SPR office in Malaysia. 

As the ballots counting is not going to be held at the overseas polling location (embassies), but to be counted at Putrajaya, we are worried that the overseas votes could be replaced during the transportation.

Due to the above concern, we encourage those who share the concern to go back and vote.

We also understand that there are many Malaysians in China who wish to come back to vote but less affordable; following this special subsidy, we hope they could now go back to vote.


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