Friday, 15 March 2013

Do you want to continue to live in shits?

It seems i gonna buy another air ticket to fly back to vote. My return flight to Zurich is scheduled on 2 April, but there is still no announcement of election. i gonna spend another RM3,000 to RM4,000 for another air ticket, which i will certainly endeavour my best to fly back again in order to cast my vote in person in Malaysia even though air tickets are costly. BN easily buys votes with RM20, RM50, RM250, RM300, RM500....whilst i gonna spend RM3,000 x 2 to cast my single vote. :(

my eldest sister lah, all the while i wanted to wait till election is called. She told me CNY is important for the whole family and father is old oledi. Thus i discussed with my husband and fly back to stay in Malaysia for two months, hopefully can do my duty as a family member as well as a citizen these two months.

I can declare that i have been back to Malaysia for two months. I can say i have tried to carry out my responsibility and thus it is no longer my problem not be able to vote during my present two-month stay in Malaysia.

Come on, i live now in Switzerland, a country where is perceived by many people a heaven country on the earth.

Why am i wiling to spend my time, energy, efforts and money to fly back to Malaysia to cast my vote in person in Malaysia!?

Imagine, a single journey of me flying back would take at least 16 hours sitting in the plane without counting the time of transit, time waiting at the airports, time on the roads heading to airports. A journey of a return flight of mine will take easily two days to three days!

I find it sarcastic, while i am endeavoring my best in order to cast my vote, they are still many refuse to come out to vote even the polling station may be just a door-step away.

During my present stay in Malaysia, they are many who express their appreciation of me flying back to vote. Nevertheless, they are also many who are stubborn-headed. They are aware that safety in Malaysia have deteriorated, they live in an unsafe environment, they have young children, but they do not bother to register themselves as a voter, because for them, politics is dirty, anyone who is elected will become corrupt.

This is narrow-minded.

I have been writing in my blog: What we are voting now is a bi-partisan system that encourages counter-check-and-balance culture to ensure transparency and accountability.

No party is perfect. No-one is perfect. However, with the establishment of a counter-check-and balance system, those who are elected will monitor and be monitored among and by each other. They will endeavour to watch their own behaviour so that they can be elected again by the People whom they suppose to serve.

Should you choose not to vote because politics is dirty, you have given out your rights not to safeguards you own rights.

Politics is not dirty. Politics is neutral, it is you who refuse to vote, making the dirty pool continued to be dirty and you allow them continue to suck your hard-earned money with launching more taxes besides the present highway tolls, income tax, road tax, consumer tax and other hidden taxes. Mind you, your EPF may go empty as well, Argentina is a good example.

What sort of life you want to live depends on you, whether you want to continue to live in shits or having a chance to clear those shits!

My fellow Malaysians, please come out / fly back to vote.
INI Kalilah! NOW or Never!

I dont need anyone to salute me. I spread this message here because i hope you can call for more to come out/fly back to vote!!!

INI Kalilah! Vote for CHANGE! NOW or Never! 


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