Monday, 11 March 2013

INI Kalilah! NOW or Never!

It is not announced yesterday (Monday) ~ The chicken botak really doesnt have any ball even though the late he announces the more votes he is going to lose.

Now i look forward to hearing the announcement this Friday...

I heard from a school´s teacher last Friday that EC has made a venue reservation with the school for voting purpose scheduled end of this month...

I didnt fly back to Malaysia last year as all these two years i have been waiting for GE announcement to fly back to vote. When i flew to the U.S. last October, and i was thinking should election be announced during my two-week visit in the U.S., i would get a ticket to fly back fm the U.S. to Malaysia.

Right now I have flown back to Malaysia for two months from 6th February to carry out my duty as a member to my family too. My return flight to Zurich is scheduled on 2nd April.

I have a 4-day meditation retreat to attend in Bern, Switzerland from 4th April to 7th April. My mother-in-law´s birthday celebrate in Germany on 7th April. I have meetings scheduled in Switzerland on 8th April to 10th April.

I have been waiting and waiting for the GE announcement in order to re-organize my schedules accordingly. I really endeavour my best to cast my vote in person without giving myself any excuse.

Some Malaysians at home may not bother to step out from their house to the near-by polling stations. Whilst, for me, it takes me 3 days in the journey as the time sitting in the plane alone would take 16 hours for a single journey without counting the time of transit as well as time spending on the road heading to airports.

Why am i so stubborn? Why i have been spending my time, energy and money to make sure i cast my vote in person in Malaysia?

Because i am eager to see the establishment of a bi-partisan system in Malaysia that Malaysia has yet to establish to encourages counter-check-and-balance culture to ensure accountability and transparency. Should a bi-partisan system is estalished, the handky-penky activisits of those irresponsibile representatives in any party would likely to be exposed and thus those representatives will tend to watch out their own behaviour, learn to be responsible and accountabale to their real Boss - the voters, the People. 

INI Kalilah! NOW or Never! 

Should CHANGE not happen this time, i strongly believe there will not be any chance as right now BN has done so many destruction to the systems to ensure they continue to stay in power, moreover should BN be able to sustain their power again...

You may say BN wont be able to win again as most Malaysians have decided to kick BN out of the political arena in Malaysia. Yes, it is true that most Malaysians have woke up and they have joined the force of People Power to push for a change towards a better Malaysia. Nevertheless, all of us have been endeavouring to ensure the number of BERSIH votes is able to outnumber the number of phantom voters. 

Should you still care about Malaysia and your fellow Malaysians, please come out / fly back to vote! 

INI Kalilah! NOW or Never!

For me, should election is not held during my present two-month stay in Malaysia, i still intend to buy another air-ticket to fly back to cast my vote in person in Malaysia.

Yes, air ticket is expensive. However, nothing can be more important than the fate of our country!







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