Sunday, 3 March 2013

Crowds lining up for RM500

Chicken to be slaughtered later? ...Crowds lining up for RM500 under BR1M.

I went to a local assembly hall to look for Oriental Daily after i was not able to buy a copy at any shop.

I wonder why so many people in the assembly hall.

I asked a senior guy. He said people queueing up to hv RM500. I showed him my photo on Oriental Daily that i Fly back from Switzerland to vote. I told him because situations in Malaysia cant be worse anymore, thus i fly back to vote for change.

Till now, he is the only one responded that i am wrong. Indeed, he said because i studied overseas, thus i hv gained a wrong picture abt Malaysia.

I told him i studied my bachelor degree n my master degree both in Malaysia.

I encouraged him to have further discussion why he thinks i hv got a wrong picture abt Malaysia. I asked him whether he thinks what he earns is sufficient to support his family. I asked him where the money of the 23 karat cincin come from? Is "Jimat-jimat" capable to pay for the 23 karat cincin?

Even though i welcome his opinions, he refused to talk further but he chose to walk away.

While i saw so many people in spite of ethnics, in spite of ages, queueing up for RM500, in my heart, i say:

When every one of you gets RM500 here, can u see how much money they have eaten!?

While you guys take RM500 which you only get just before election, hope you guys knowing after you take the money, u can still vote for CHANGE.

Should you guys still choose to be ignorant n think the government is good to you by giving you a small token amid rise of goods, tolls n taxes, you guys shall enjoy to be continued to have your hard-earned money to be sucked n live in an unsafe environment!

A comment from my gf Jo:
After 40 odd years supposedly growing up in Malaysia's 'Golden Years', I have witnessed our country's digression compared to the other Asian countries. Costs of essential services are killing small and medium genuine businesses, but more importantly, the youth today has very little social values nor they possess much independent opinions which are sound. Not that it's their fault, I can see it's a deliberate act of dumbing down our population by authorities through damaging policies in our education system. It's easier to control people who can't think... Wake up people... Once we lose our youth , we lose our country..

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