Monday, 18 March 2013

Bersih Shanghai: Updates on "Fly Back to Vote Campaign"


Up to end of last week (17 March), we have received:
* 82 entries on the “FLY Back” list
* 62 of them applied for the RMB500 subsidy
* Due to the limited fund which could only subsidise 46 persons and based on first-come, first-serve basis, we have to put the remaining 16 of the applicants on our waiting list

We again urge all Malaysians abroad to fly back to vote for the upcoming GE13, for our Country and for our future. Inclusive political institutions in support of inclusive economic institutions will decide the successes or failures of the nations, we believe that the coming 13th General Election is an extremely important factor deciding whether Malaysia is growing prosperous or fail because politics determines what institutions a Country has.

There are still many Malaysians in China who wish to come back to vote but less affordable; following this special subsidy, we hope more people could now fly back to vote, and we would like to reiterate that the subsidy is for those who are less affordable especially the students and young graduates.

We also like to thank the contributors who make the Campaign a success. We will still continue the Campaign and we believe there will be more people require the support to go back, especially after the Parliament is dissolved.

A) Below is the list of the 46 early applicants:

Nick 87********47/ Johnson Liu 70********69/ CYWong 79********11/ Shum 53********65/
Ann 60********52/ PAUL 80********11/ Rebecca Kheng 81********56/ Liew Sial Siun 82********85/ dennis 83********61/ CJ Lim 66********15/ Andy Yong 86********09/ Ivan Tan 78********87/ John teoh 84********39/ Siou 84********01/ kingkongyen 80********51/ ALEX 83********93/ ndrewy 79********37/ Sanny Wang 77********49/ Anthony Ng 73********21/ Ms. Hii 84********38/ B.Tan 86********33/ SENG SENG 87********05/ cp 75********07/ yk 75********28/ skyper 72********87/ Janette 80********42/ Celine 90********42/ Quincy Yau 76********02/ yth001 74********57/ SFO 86********94/ KAM DE ZHENG 81********41/ Lim Cheng Ghee 78********67/ Emily Lam 79********10/ EVONNE SIEW 87********72/ Radio Woon 83********49/ ONG CHEW EE 88********60/ ONG CHEE CHING 87********91/ KC 76********53/ CHAN 71********17/ pmoo 76********05/
Alfred 80********45/ Lau Seng Chiat 90********55/ Irene Woon 59********12/ Yiheang 90********58 / TK 60********45 / toqueZz 79********62

B) The procedures of airfare subsidy reimbursement:

Before departing to Malaysia from Mainland:
Send e-ticket / itinerary copy within 5-working days after the election date is announced to The election date must fall during your departing and returning dates.
After returning from Malaysia to Mainland:
Send the scanned copy / photo of boarding pass to to claim the subsidy. The organizer will bank in the reimburse amount within 7-working days from the date of receiving boarding pass.

If you already register for the subsidy but your name is not on above list, please also do the above, i.e. send us the e-ticket and boarding pass as we might either get more sponsor or some of the applicants fail to provide the above and the subsidy will go to the next on the waiting list.

19 March 2013: NOW EVERYONE CAN FLY!

Following our announcement yesterday on the shortage of fund and 16 applicants were on the waiting list, we receive a contribution commitment of RMB10,000 from Mr. Rocky Loke today!

As such, with the total RMB33,100 of fund, we can now subsidy all the 62 applicants plus 4 more persons.

Now everyone can fly! All 62 applicants can now get the RMB500/person subsidy (conditions apply)!

Thank you to the Campaign contributors:
1. Mr. Liew: RMB5,000
2. Mr. Guan: RMB5,000
3. Mr. Chew: RMB3,000
4. Mr. Lew: RMB1,000
5. Ms Suan: RMB1,000
6. Mr. Chay: RMB100
7. Mr. Tan: RMB500
8. Mr. Por: RMB500
9. Ah Hin: RMB5,000
10. Mr. Chan: RMB1,000
11. Mr. Hoo: RMB500
12. Mr. Wong: RMB500
13. Mr. Rocky Loke: RMB10,000

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