Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Restore a clean, green, safe and progressive land to Malaysia!

Malaysians at home and overseas have been untiringly telling as many as they can: Come Out to Vote! Come Out to Vote!

Some overseas Malaysians have casted their postal votes yesterday at the Malaysian embassies in the globe.

Some overseas Malaysians, including me, still determine to fly home to vote. Some have put their business on hold and have flown back to volunteer in election campaigns in Malaysia. Some are preparing these few days to fly back long distance for merely few days stay in Malaysia with the sole purpose of casting their votes in Malaysia.

Despite we conduct our life in other lands, Malaysians who live overseas do not shed away our civil duty as Malaysians. Even we live abroad, most of us still care deeply about our home country.

Can you feel how much is our care to our country Malaysia and to our fellow Malaysians?

Can you imagine how much efforts we overseas Malaysians gonna make in order to make that trip flying back to vote in Malaysia?

Besides airfare, it is time and energy to make that journey.

Nevertheless, our hope is pure: Restore a clean, green, safe and progressive land to Malaysia and our fellow Malaysians as we are also Malaysians!

I am heading to airport at Zurich tomorrow at 8 a.m. and to be landing KLIA Thursday´s afternoon.
Even before my return flight to Zurich from Kuala Lumpur three weeks ago, my body felt exhausted thinking of the 16 hours sitting in the plane. I keep on telling myself: It is okay, it is okay. It is for my country Malaysia and my fellow Malaysians including myself.

Everyone of us gonna do our part - Vote!

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