Tuesday, 9 April 2013

My flight is purchased! How about yours, PLEASE FLY HOME TO VOTE!!!

My flight Zurich - KL is purchased! How about yours, PLEASE FLY HOME TO VOTE!!!

Nothing is more important than the fate of our country. My fellow Malaysians, please come out / fly back to vote! We need more BERSIH votes to outnumber ghosts!!!

INI Kalilah! We only need to fly ONCE in our lifetime! The airticket is worthy should it is able to save our homeland Malaysia and restore our fellow Malaysians a clean, green, safe and progressive land!

It has been a cyber war without many Malaysians noticing of it, only those who are active in the JomBalikUndi Campaign worldwide have experienced it. There are cybertroopers report my post as spam, i am now blocked, hopefully temporary, for posting posts on other FBs.

i cant even make any comment on other FBs. Please help me to spread the news that i have really purchased my flight flying back fm Switzerland to vote in person in Malaysia!


  1. I salute you! Will write about this in my next article to be published in Nanyang Siang Pau next week.

    1. Hi Taionn,

      Thanks for your interest in writing about me flying back fm Switzerland to vote in KL. You can find me on Facebook "Veronica Liew Hui Mei". From that, i shall provide you my contact details for us to have an indepth discussion.

      For me, flying home to vote in the upcoming GE13 is merely a basic thing a human being shall do.

      For many overseas Malaysians, Malaysia is forever Home even we live abroad.

      I was asked from time to time by Swiss people as well as friends from other nationalities in Switzerland where i think is the heaven land. I guessed they expect me to reply Switzerland. Nevertheless, my firm answer is: Malaysia!

      I added: Malaysia is like Switzerland. Malaysia has multi ethnics and Malaysians generally speak at least three languages.

      Malaysia can become a "Tropical Switzerland"!

  2. It is true. I moved to melbourne a couple years ago because my Malaysian hubby wanted to settle here. However, for me, home will always be Malaysia. But a truly beautiful country is going backwards instead of forwards because the government is not acting FOR the people.

    It is encouraging to hear that many are flying back to vote. If i did not have to host a visiting friend, i would be more than happy to fly home to vote!!

    Now, to pray for post elections that there will be peace and no riots.