Sunday, 28 April 2013

Dr. Vanaja: Malaysians deserve a better homeland!

Dr. Vanaja: "I want to go back to vote because I feel Malaysians deserve a better homeland!". 

Dr Vanaja Panickar, a Malaysian based in Australia and has purchased air ticket to fly back to vote in Malaysia:

1. Have you purchased air ticket to fly fm Australia to vote in Malaysia?

Yes, the JBU tickets were sold out, but I purchased the promotion tickets.

2. The motivation that drives you to do so?

I come from a family of very politically motivated people and I have always voted ever since I returned from my studies in 1975. In those days, the opposition was very weak, but I still voted for them because I believed that no ruling party should have 2/3 majority and the people needed an effective opposition in parliament. It was a forlorn hope then, but we still believed that one day some good will come out of all this. Moreover I was also a victim of racial policies and I believed fervently that every Malaysian should have a place under the Malaysian sun.

With the reformasi movement and the advent of the internet, Malaysians were able to access information of the actual  state of affairs and how much we were losing out because BN became so absolutely corrupt and racist. It was too much for my poor heart to bear. How could any decent government do this to us? We, the people have the power to change this rot and I will be glad to see the scoundrels count the bars in Sungei Buloh.  My daughter too faced this discrimination through BTN.

Now I have hope, not so much for myself, but for all Malaysians that we can finally change evil in its naked form for a government that promises fair play. I believe in basic human rights and we, as Malaysians, should do our bit for the country of our birth.

3. Any difficulty in your daily life to overcome for flying back fm Australia to vote in Malaysia?

My daughter has 2 small kids and I help her to look after them, so when I am gone she will have to do everything herself. Otherwise everything is fine. If I had to fly to the moon to vote in Malaysia, I would gladly do that too!!!!

4. Your message to be included in the article.

I beseech all Malaysians overseas to vote too. As for Malaysians still in Malaysia, please go out in droves to vote. Only then will we be able to overcome the massive vote rigging that BN has planned. Every vote counts. Selamat Malaysia.

Dr. Vanaja

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