Friday, 3 May 2013

Every Malaysian must come out to vote!

23 hours after i came out from my house in Switzerland and got into trains and planes, i have landed safely in Kuala Lumpur International Airport, back to my homeland.

Besides me, there are thousands of Malaysians flying back from all corners of the world, with the sole purpose of casting our single vote in this coming Sunday.

Still, we are concerned our number is far behind the number of ghosts that have been created and flown in these few days as well.

When i was coming out from the KLIA Arrival Hall, i spotted 20 to 30 Bangladesh who were walking out from the arrival gate as well. Of course, i dont know whether they are merely foreign workers arriving Malaysia for work...or for v...? This one i really dont have any idea.

I wanted to take a picture, but i was at the middle of the gate of the arrival hall, everyone was walking fast.

Nevertheless, pictures of Bangladesh arriving at KLIA have been taken by other Malaysians and have been spread on social media.

My fellow Malaysians, thousands of Malaysians are willing to spend their own money for air ticket, tolerate long distance flight, put their business and work overseas on hold, and just come back for the sole purpose of casting a single vote. Every Malaysian must come out to vote this Sunday! There is NO excuse. Every Malaysian must do the best of our very best to save our country Malaysia! It is not an exaggration, the destiny of our Malaysia and our fellow Malaysians depend on the upcoming general election - 5th of May!

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