Friday, 3 May 2013

letter to UN & Transparency International

Dear fellow Malaysians, Please submit the letter to United Nations and Transparency International. (Note: The letter template is prepared by a concerned Malaysian who is presently a medical student).
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Ladies and gentlemen,
"Dear United Nations and Transparency International,
We are the citizens of Malaysia, and hereby we report onthe current pre-election situation to every one of the world. First andforemost, election is a democratic practice; it symbolizes the fair distributionof power which the Constitutional guarantees, hence allowing us to makedecisions about a country’s future and policies. This includes deciding thecountry’s ruling party, the members of parliament and by extension any possibleamendments to Constitution.

As many of you are aware, most democratic countriesare progressive and have advanced civil awareness. Citizens form their socialnorms, collective decisions and common responsibilities through their combinedvoices. They choose their governments according to their own volition through theballot box. Men are born with free will and rationality; we believe that menwill make decisions based on a rational weighing of the benefits to themajority. However, respect and an upholding of rights are also conferred to theminorities as guaranteed under the Constitution, thus ensuring that the socialstability can be assured and upheld. An awareness of the Constitution and its statuesare crucial to the development of civil society, because only one will carry one’sduties well only after clearing understanding one’s rights.

While most democratic countries have upheld theprinciples of democracy, the unpleasant reality is that not all have.Corruption threatens and impinges upon the democratic process, leading to thecollapse of civilized society. Through this letter, we would like to report severaluntoward incidents that have plagued the lead up to the 13thMalaysian General Election.

As of lately, we have observed many foreigners beingimported into Malaysia. These foreigners are enter presumably as workers and areescorted by police officials. The arrivals of these foreigners are have arousedsuspicions as their clothing (shirts and caps) are adorned the logo of BarisanNasional, the current ruling party. Besides that, there are undisputed andaffirmative news reports that these foreigners possess the Malaysian CitizenIdentity Card, which is legally speaking, impossible based on our constitution.Our constitution has strict requirements for immigration applications, and thenormal process takes years for citizenship to be granted. How can these foreignersobtain Malaysian citizenship, just within few days?

Meanwhile, most of these foreigners have been observedto be Bangladeshis, whereby they are employed in Bangladesh and sent toMalaysia for labor purposes. Butunfortunately, these Bangladeshis have obtained Identity Cards illegally and preparingto commit fraud in the voting by supporting Barisan Nasional in the forthcomingGeneral Election. This is contravenes a serious diplomatic taboo under which nocountry is allowed to interfere in another country’s local politics. This is a perversionof a country’s sovereignty and independence. We are requesting international solidarityin condemning these incidents in order to exert pressure on the Commissioner ofGeneral Election to ensure the forthcoming election is cleaner and moretransparent. Our voices are expressed through the petition “Stop your peopleintervene our local politics!” ( more than 15,000 Malaysians have expressed their objection anddissatisfaction through this petition.

Furthermore, the outflow Bangladeshi workers aremanaged by the Ministry ofExpatriates, Welfare and Overseas Employment, which underthe direct purview of the Cabinet of Bangladesh. Therefore, we are making anofficial inquiry to the relevant Ministry with regards to their role, or not,in permitting these workers to be involved in overt political interference. Werequest for a coherent and timely response. Otherwise, we will assume thatCabinet of Bangladesh acquiesces to this incident, and we will request forfurther international action to be taken against the Cabinet of Bangladesh.

We also request a formal response with regards toallegations that the Ministry has received illicit payments from BarisanNasional in order to send such huge numbers of Bangladeshi workers. As acorollary, we also request Transparency International to provide necessaryassistance for further the investigation.

We hope that the Ministry remains alert and aware ofany worker departure approvals since we hope that Bangladeshis do not becomemercenaries become involved in illegal activities that contravene Bangladeshilabor export policy.

Concluding this letter, but not the least, we hope forinternational support to make our Malaysian general election clean and moretransparent through increased vigilance. Eternal vigilance is the price ofliberty.
Thank you.

(Your name) and concerned Malaysians
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