Friday, 3 May 2013

Spread the word: Every Malaysian must come out to vote!

i was in ss2, pj this morning and i was a Malaysian lady aged abt 40s talking to surrounding people at a fruit stall in front of a supermarket. She said: "i hv flown back to Perth to vote in Malaysia this Sunday. Malaysians at home, you must come out to vote to safeguard our country Malaysia."

I joined her immediately: "I just flew back from Switzerland yesterday. Thousands of overseas Malaysians are flying back long... distance to help. Malaysians at home, even we live overseas we still care about Malaysia. Shd you guys still dnt want to come out to vote and suffer later, we hv nothing else to say. Please spread the word: Every Malaysian must come out to vote!"

i dnt know the name of the lady back fm Perth, i wd like to say: She is great!

That is how we gonna do these two days: Keep on telling people come out to vote! Only with high turn-out of real Malaysians, we can defeat all dirty tricks in a democratic way.
  • Huynh Lam Dieu: Coming back from vietnam
  • Shermayne Chong I just flew back from Melbourne yesterday! Every Malaysian must come out to vote!

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