Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Time to Seize the day

Time to Seize the day
Stan CH Lee

Used to be, the biggest and baddest and cruellest became kings and lords. In the era of might is right, this was the accepted norm. People did not know better because to question the status quo means your head on a plate or stick.Things have changed. We already have first class infrastructures. Sadly the mentality and behaviour of our leaders is still decidedly third world. But the people are asking some difficult questions of our people at the top of the food chain. Instead of answering, they are chewing the fat and spitting out the bones.

As the clock ticks and time runs out for BN, the signs of insanity is beginning to show with increasing frequency. From making senseless accusations to telling outright lies these desperate acts are piling up fast and furious. As the authorities remain silent on
seditious provocations spewed by its ultras like Ibrahim Ali with his Burn theBible call we can see the helplessness of the man at the top- PM Najib. He can only go around begging for 5 more years in his You Help Me I HelpYou fashion. Even his vainglorious attempt at shoring up his Muslim support base by going to GAZA has been rebuffed by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas who accuses him of being divisive.

Too many years of unbridled power has totally corrupted the people currently holding the reigns of power.The rot has gotten so bad, they cannot tell right from wrong, apology from forgiveness. They can no longer distinguish what is Public Funds and what is Private Funds. It is all theirs to squander as they wish camouflaged by some benevolent looking project. They have even confused the party with the country! Any attack on the party is now routinely equated with an attack on the King, country, race and religion and must be repelled at all costs. Including the loss of life and limb. Lending credence to the saying He whom the Gods will destroy, He first make mad.

The floodgates have been opened and as more skeletons tumble out of the cabinet, we see the raakyat , long deprived of a voice, taking to the streets to show their discontent. 

With the rumblings growing, and the anti BN momentum building up, will we soon see the "Storming of the Bastilles" symbolically enacted on Putrajaya?
The BN is reeling and is in total disarray, at its weakest ever.
This chance may never come again.It is truly up to the people now, to seize the day, to not be bought off with BR1M or BR1BE.

Yes, look to the future my friends. Your day of destiny will come very soon.

Will you do what is right for your country? And for your children?

A new dawn is breaking over Malaysia. Will you seize the day? Do it!

Malaysia has been in darkness for too long. GE 13 is the dawn of a new era. Wake up and seize the day. Please share

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